Philips Enhances AMI Portfolio

At the 2013 Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Annual Meeting, being held from 8th to 12th June, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Philips showcased updates to its advanced molecular imaging (AMI) portfolio, including the Ingenuity TF Elite package: a dose-management system that reportedly offers the latest advances in reconstruction techniques, workflow improvement and detector technologies, to deliver personalised results to clinicians and patients. The new package for Ingenuity TF PET/CT systems enhances CT imaging with low dose to the patient, fast acquisition and reconstruction of images. The benefits of the Ingenuity TF Elite Package include:

• NanoPanel Elite detector: Offers a pure electronic signal, and allows low X-ray techniques without distortion.

• iPatient: Comprehensive set of dose-management tools that allow the ability to define exactly what clinicians need in terms of image characteristics, so the settings can be adjusted automatically. This allows clinicians to plan the results, instead of the acquisitions. iPatient is also a means to share protocols among colleagues to allow for consistency across scans. This helps reduce total exam time, and the time the clinician needs to spend preparing and acquiring the scan.

• SyncRight: Allows for easy and efficient communication between the CT system and the injector in order to facilitate delivering appropriate contrast dose and consistent image quality.

The package also includes iDose4 Premium package, comprising iDose4 and metal artefact reduction for large orthopaedic implants (O-MAR). iDose4 improves image quality by reducing artefacts for high image quality at low dose. O-MAR complements this by reducing the artefacts that result from patients' large orthopaedic implants, which typically hinder clear, accurate images from being acquired.

Philips also featured additional systems that help transform AMI care:

• 3T MultiTransmit for Ingenuity TF PET/MR: The latest advancement in Philips' MR technology, MultiTransmit provides enhanced signal and image contrast uniformity and consistency across different size patients and up to 40 per cent faster MR acquisitions.

• IntelliSpace portal MI applications for BrightView SPECT and BrightView XCT SPECT/CT: IntelliSpace Portal, Philips' scalable multi-modality server-client based processing and review solution, is now available with a full suite of applications for MI. IntelliSpace Portal offers tools to improve collaboration with referring physicians, provides increased long-term economic value through a scalable multi-modality platform and allows access from virtually anywhere to processing and review applications.

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