Pelindo II Transforms Panjang Port

News: Indonesia's state-owned port operator Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Pelindo II) is further developing the Panjang Port in Lampung in a bid to upgrade it into an international port as an alternative to the Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta, reports the Jakarta Post. Apart from upgrading port facilities and equipment for improvising services and work productivity, Pelindo II will also revive the railway track from Pidada to the Panjang Port. The Panjang Port is likely to offer zero waiting times in the near future with the modernisation of equipment and port infrastructure, PT Pelindo II general manager Doso Agung said. Additionally, the company is planning to extend the port area by reclaiming up to 30 hectares of the coast.

Indonesia's port sector is underdeveloped by global standards, and BMI believes considerable investment is needed to meet the country's growing trade needs and reduce congestion at existing facilities.

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