Oristem stem cell banking service now available in more countries

Pharmacells' stem cell banking service, Oristem, which allows adults of any age to store cells ready to treat diseases that they may get later in life, is now available in six countries worldwide. Since the launch of the product in the UK in 2011, Pharmacells has expanded reach to Hong Kong, China, Lebanon, Pakistan, Ireland and the US, with negotiations under way in a number of other countries.

Until the initial launch of Oristem, it was only possible to store cells using invasive, costly techniques - designed to access cell types that have already "chosen" pathways within the body. The cell type stored using the Oristem method is significantly less mature, which means that they have much more potential for use within personalised treatments, therapies or pharmaceuticals.

Unlike other methods, the Oristem product allows the client to choose when and where their blood is taken. Their stem cells are isolated and stored when they are young and healthy, ready to be returned to them at a time, should it arrive, when they need the cells again to treat a serious illness. Speed to treatment is something that many have never considered but it is a major factor in cell therapy. Studies have shown that if a donor receives their cells with 48 hours of a major trauma, the efficacy of that cell therapy is greatly improved.

To deliver Oristem, Pharmacells commissioned its own clean room facility ensuring that every donor's sample is processed to the highest possible standards. The company also holds a licence from the Human Tissue Authority.

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