Nimbus technology enters Indian wound care market via Microfoam launch

Quick-Med Technologies' commercialisation partner, Viridis BioPharma, has begun selling and shipping Microfoam dressings to its customers. Microfoam is the first advanced wound care dressing to employ Quick-Med's proprietary non-leaching Nimbus technology. Viridis received approval by India's FDA in September 2011 to manufacture and market Microfoam wound dressings incorporating Nimbus antimicrobial technology.

Nimbus technology is intended to prevent the transmission of virulent bacteria, such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and is believed to be the first non-leaching antimicrobial available in a wound dressing. Nimbus technology is designed to prevent bacteria developing resistance, and avoid releasing toxic material into the wound, so there is no impeding the wound healing process. It is also effective in high concentrations of body fluids.

As part of its commercialisation efforts, Viridis has sponsored clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy of Microfoam dressings. Nimbus received de novo FDA clearance in 2009 and has been commercialised in traditional wound care applications. The technology is protected by 12 US patents and patents pending and 24 international counterparts. Additional applications under development include advanced wound dressings, medical adhesives, catheters and contact lenses.

India is a burgeoning medical consumables market, which Espicom estimates was worth US$363 million in 2012. Espicom also predicts that the market will grow by approximately 13 per cent year-on-year, reaching a value of US$797 million by 2018.

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