New Dräger ventilators enter global market

At the 2013 International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, being held from 19th to 22nd March, in Brussels, Belgium, Dräger Medical introduced the Evita V300 and Savina 300 ventilators to the global market.

The Evita V300 ventilator provides ventilation options for demanding conditions and can be expanded with other Dräger modes and applications. It can be integrated into an intensive care supply unit or used during intensive care transport. Also flexible in its application, the Savina 300 with turbine drive can function independently of a central gas and power supply. Because they are mobile, both ventilators support the ventilation of intensive care patients during internal clinic transport.

Savina 300 also provides more mobility in hospitals. Due to its high-performance turbine technology, the system functions independently of a central gas supply. Moreover, integrated rechargeable batteries provide up to five hours of electrical power. The Savina 300 turbine is designed such that it generates a constant inspiratory gas flow of up to 250L/min and can react quickly and with flexibility to pressure variations. This often occurs with mask ventilated patients, who suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, for example. In addition, if non-invasive ventilation is used with these patients, large leaks can occur. Savina 300 has efficient leak

compensation and provides the preset volume of oxygen.

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