MTP To Construct New Production Facility In Indonesia

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma (MTP)'s Indonesian subsidiary, PT Tanabe Indonesia, is to construct a new production facility on its property in Bandung. The planned facility is aimed at expanding production capability and meeting Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention/Co-operation Scheme (PIC/s)-GMP and new GMP standards.

PT Tanabe Indonesia has been manufacturing pharmaceutical products for supply to Indonesia and neighbouring countries since it was established in 1970. Construction of the new facility was to begin in September and is expected to be completed in August 2014. Operations at the expanded site are expected to start in May 2015. The new facility will boost the Bandung factory's production capability by 1.75 times from the current level for its most significant product, the antihypertensive, Herbesser (diltiazem), as well as other solid preparations. The new facility will be a three-storey building with a construction area of around 1,200 sqm and total floor space in the region of 2,800 sqm.

Establishing the foundation for expanded overseas operations has been set as a major business strategy under MTP's Medium-Term Management Plan 11-15, New Value Creation. The new facility construction plan is designed for PT Tanabe Indonesia to expand its pharmaceutical supply to Indonesia and neighbouring countries with the aim of reinforcing business operations in drug markets with growth potential, whilst continuing to ensure a stable supply of pharmaceuticals.

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