Medmix unveils twin-syringe biomaterial delivery system

Medmix Systems has developed a delivery system for the use with standard single syringes to handle multi-component biomaterials such as tissue-adhesives, fibrin-glues for tissue sealing and materials for wound treatment, as well as stem-cell or PRP preparation.

Medmix offers a range of twin-syringe dispensers for use with off-the-shelf luer-lock syringes. The individually prefilled syringes are snapped into the single-use dispenser. Different interface adapters attached to the outlet end of the syringes allow the use of various mixing and application accessories. Simultaneous and accurate dispensing is assured due to the design of the twin-syringe dispenser. The filled syringes are snapped into the twin-syringe dispenser in defined positions given by their respective flanges resulting in a mechanically stable device.

In support of precise placement of mixed biomaterial, Medmix has also developed a wide range of application accessories. Low pressure air-assisted and unassisted spray nozzles as well as static mixers, spreaders, angled tips or cannulaes are available.

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