Maxillent selects Hong Kong distributor for minimally-invasive sinus lift implant

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Maxillent has signed up Pioneer Richteeth Medical Distribution to exclusively sell the company's iRaise sinus lift implant in Hong Kong.

iRaise aims to solve a key difficulty in implant surgery, namely the highly invasive and traumatic sinus lift procedure, which is required in 20 per cent of dental implant cases, when there is insufficient bone in the upper jaw to support implants. The current sinus lift procedure requires over an hour of invasive surgery and causes significant trauma, with patients requiring between three and ten days of home rest, and suffering complaints of significant swelling and bruising.

The iRaise implant provides a minimally-invasive alternative to the sinus lift. The technology is based on a dental implant with an internal channel that allows the dentist to perform a sinus lift using a simple hydraulic method. For the dentist, the procedure significantly reduces chair time, complications, and post-operative care. For patients, iRaise offers reduced discomfort and recovery time, eliminates facial swelling and bruising, and prevents lost work days. The CE mark for the device was issued in 2011, and Maxillient recently began the commercial release of the implant in Israel and several European countries.

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