Key patent claims allowed in Japan protecting Infradure Biopump

Medgenics has received a notice of allowance from the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office for key claims protecting the use of the company's Infradure (interferon alpha) Biopump technology. Medgenics is developing Infradure as a new approach to provide sustained and patient-compliant interferon therapy to address unmet needs in the treatment of hepatitis B, C and D.

Similar claims protecting Infradure technology have been granted or allowed in other large Asian markets, including China, South Korea and Australia. In addition, these countries have allowed broad claims to Medgenics protecting the core Biopump technology for production and delivery of proteins. Patents covering core Biopump technology for a genetically modified dermal micro-organ have already been granted to Medgenics in the US and EU.

Biopump is a proprietary tissue-based platform technology for the sustained production and delivery of therapeutic proteins using the patient's own tissue for the treatment of a range of chronic diseases, including anaemia, hepatitis and haemophilia, among others. Medgenics believes this approach has a number of benefits compared with current treatments, which include regular and costly injections of therapeutic proteins. The company's technologies target the global protein therapy market, which is forecast to reach US$132 billion in 2013.

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