Identifying Market Opportunities In Hepatitis C

BMI View: Hepatitis C will become a priority of healthcare systems globally, as the number of related deaths rise annually. Mass screenings in developed and emerging markets will create a large pool of patients requiring hepatitis C drugs, but propensity to pay will determine level of uptake. We see the greatest opportunity lies in the 'Asian Tigers' of Japan, Taiwan and South Korea owing to the favourable mix of disease prevalence and high incomes.

Given the scale of the global hepatitis C epidemic and the interest shown by multinational pharmaceutical companies in targeting the disease, we expect there to be a concerted effort amongst healthcare systems to diagnose and treat the disease. Hepatitis C is now increasing the global death toll from communicable diseases, and it is set to become a priority for key stakeholders.

We outline most attractive markets in the hepatitis C therapy area based on the cross-over between countries with high prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and relative wealth indicators. Multinational pharmaceutical companies must carefully examine the global landscape and choose which markets to launch their products to maximise potential revenues and profits.

Reaching Epidemic Levels
HCV National Prevalence Rates, (%)

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