Hydromer licenses coating technology to international companies

Hydromer has entered into licence agreements with two non-US based medical device manufacturers.

In January 2013, an agreement was entered with a Chinese medical device company licensing the use of a proprietary Hydromer medical coating for use on Nelaton urinary self-catheters. The Chinese company intends to manufacture the catheters in China and sell the coated product globally.

Additionally, in early February 2013, an agreement was entered with a United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based medical device company licensing the use of two proprietary Hydromer medical coatings for use on percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty/percutaneous transluminal angioplasty catheters. This UAE-based medical device company intends to market their precision vascular access catheters in the Middle East and global markets.

Martin von Dyck, Executive Vice President of Hydromer, stated that its focus in the lucrative and rapidly-growing Chinese medical device market is gaining momentum as more Chinese companies are evaluating its coatings, which have previous approvals with international regulatory agencies such as the FDA, Chinese State FDA, CE/ISO approval, Japanese approval and others.


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