HiResolution Bionic Ear System Available In Vietnam

Advanced Bionics (AB, a Sunova company), partnering with Phonak, has launched the HiResolution bionic ear system, featuring the HiFocus mid-scala electrode and Naída CI Q70 sound processor, in Vietnam.

The Naída CI reportedly offers high-performance hearing and wireless connectivity with a modern design. Naída CI provides technology designed to increase speech understanding in noise, 100% wireless connectivity to consumer by leading brands, including bimodal capabilities that allow streaming to a compatible Phonak hearing aid and a Naída CI sound processor at the same time.

The internal component of the AB cochlear implant system includes the HiFocus mid-scala electrode, delivering AB's proprietary current steering technology for hearing that more closely resembles normal hearing. The HiFocus mid-scala array was designed for optimal mid-scala placement in the cochlea to protect its delicate structures and preserve residual hearing. The HiFocus mid-scala is the only pre-curved electrode developed for the latest soft surgery approaches, including round window insertion, to suit surgeon preferences and individual recipient needs.

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