Healthcare Reform In Action

BMI View: President Juan Manuel Santos' re-election in June has given him a strong mandate to continue the process of healthcare reform in Colombia. Although the Santos administration has been successful in limiting medicine price increases, [1] financial problems will to plague the Colombian insurance system if structural issues are not addressed.

The Colombian government has introduced a new system to reform its healthcare system:

  • In June 2014, the Colombian constitutional court approved health as a fundamental right, under which the group of independently run enterprises - known as Health Promotion Entities (EPS) - will cease to exist. Under the Statutory Health Law, all Colombian citizens will benefit, as the new healthcare model will be much more efficient and accessible. We note that President Juan Manuel Santos' re-election in June has given him a strong mandate to continue his healthcare reform process to address the many issues, such as the financial stress within Colombia's healthcare system.

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    Colombian Healthcare Forecast

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