Health Ministry Lays Out Vision For Healthcare Reform

BMI View : The reform agenda set out by the health ministry will be positive for Ukraine's pharmaceutical and healthcare sector over the long term. National health insurance and pharmaceutical reform will be mutually beneficial to drugmakers and citizens. In the short term, geopolitical risk and the country's unstable financial situation will restrict the pace of healthcare reform.

Ukraine is going through a turbulent phase, with a burgeoning government and active parliament introducing laws to simplify bureaucracy and remove corruption. However, the government is also responding to the severe depreciation of the hryvnia and the terms of its IMF agreement. While we see 2014 and 2015 as difficult years, we see encouraging signs of positive reform that will, in the long term, make Ukraine an attractive pharmaceutical and healthcare market once more.

Draft Resolution Calls For Eventual Rollout Of Health Insurance

Healthcare Spending Faces Short Term Pressure
2008-2018, USDbn

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