Health Awareness Boosts Bottled Water Sales

News: Consumption of bottled water has increased in the UAE, owing to rising demand due to a growing economy and increasing health awareness. UAE-based food and beverage firm Agthia Group, which produces Al Ain brand of bottled water, registered a 14% year-on-year increase in net sales to US$411mn in 2013. Several bottled water companies are seeking entry into developing markets due to immense growth potential, according to Kartik Dwivedi, partner at Dassler Business Intelligence. Dwivedi said the UAE market will continue to grow due to rising health and weight concerns, as many people have given up carbonated drinks and are opting for water instead.

BMI View: BMI forecasts bottled water volume sales to increase by 3.7% in the UAE in 2014. To 2017, compound annual growth of 3.3% is forecast.

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