Government Launches Cervical Cancer Awareness Programme

News: The Tanzanian government has launched a cervical cancer community awareness and screening initiative, urging women to monitor their health more closely. The initiative will be carried out by five non-governmental organisations under the auspices of the ministry, according to Director of Preventive Services in the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Neema Rusibamayila. The two-year joint programme, supported by financial commitments and technical on-the-ground aid from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation (BMSF), aims to cut rising deaths in women from the cancer in developing countries.

BMI View: BMI's Burden of Disease Database (BoDD) estimates that the number of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) lost to cervical cancer in Tanzania was 29,694 in 2013. We forecast that this will increase by 16% to 34,357 DALYs by 2018 and by a further 42% to 48,662.7549 DALYs by 2030.

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