First mobile 3.0T Ingenia MRI set for installation in the UK

Philips Healthcare and its UK partner, Lamboo Mobile Medical, has received an order from Cobalt to build a mobile unit containing the Philips Ingenia 3.0T MRI system. When operational, it will represent the world’s first Ingenia 3.0T to be housed in a mobile unit.

Philips and Cobalt have previously come together to install the first mobile 1.5T unit in Europe and the first to put a 3.0T into a mobile system, also in Europe. Earlier, in November 2012, they became the world’s first to have a Philips mobile Ingenia 1.5T with digital broadband technology. A registered charity, Cobalt now has five Philips mobile MRI systems serving National Health Service hospitals across the UK. Cobalt’s imaging centre in Cheltenham also includes the first independent 3.0T clinical MRI scanner, Philips Gemini GXL open PET/CT scanner and Panorama high-field open MRI scanner in the country.

The Philips Ingenia 3.0T comes with a set of features that include dStream, a digital RF chain where the fibre-optics start at the coil, making the Ingenia channel independent. Comprising DirectDigital, FlexStream and EasyExpand, dStream is a new MR system design that aims to deliver crystal clear images, as well as speed and technology, that the company says makes RF upgrades redundant. In addition, Philips’ Xtend offers a large homogeneous field-of-view for a 70cm bore, combining patient comfort with extended coverage and image quality.

SmartAssist, the latest version of SmartExam and SmartCard software, helps the user to reduce the number of repetitive tasks by half for greater efficiency, reproducibility and consistency. In addition, MultiTransmit offers benefits for torso imaging that previously presented a challenge at high field, whilst 4D MultiTransmit provides an option for cardiac imaging. The latter adapts RF signals to each patient, addressing dielectric shading to provide superb image uniformity, contrast and consistency, as well as faster imaging.

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