Fiocruz To Produce Insulin Locally

BMI View: Technology transfer partnerships between the Brazilian government and multinational drugmakers will accelerate Brazil's incorporation of advanced technologies to its domestic production capacity and increase the availability of a local medicine supply. The increasingly competitive domestic pharmaceutical industry will reduce Brazil's reliance on imported drugs and decrease public drug expenditure. Additionally, partnerships will facilitate the entrance of foreign drugmakers into the growing Brazilian pharmaceutical market.

Brazil's Ministry of Health and Ukrainian insulin producer, Indar, have launched a third-stage practical implementation of the agreement on the supply of insulin to Brazil. The contract was agreed by the presidents of Ukraine and Brazil in October 2011 as part of bilateral economic co-operation projects. In 2012, Indar supplied 3.5mn vials of insulin to Brazil and trained a team of experts from research organisation Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) to produce insulin in Brazil. In 2013, the Ministry of Health will order up to 10mn vials of insulin from Indar and start to produce insulin crystals in Brazil through Fiocruz. By 2017, Brazil is expected to be producing insulin on an industrial scale locally.

Studies show that 7.6mn Brazilians have diabetes and about 900,000 depend exclusively on the Health System to obtain insulin. It is estimated that the partnership between Fiocruz and Indar will save the government BRL800mn (US$394mn) in total. BMI notes that the Brazilian government has a long-term commitment to support the domestic pharmaceutical industry through tax incentives, low-cost loans and technology transfer arrangements. It has exercised its single payer power and negotiated several deals with multinational pharmaceutical companies. Currently there are about 55 productive development partnership deals (PDPs) in place, covering 47 drugs and 5 vaccines. As a result, it is estimated that the Ministry of Health could save approximately BRL940mn (US$463mn) annually.

The Brazilian Government's Partnership Deals With Multinationals
Product Therapeutic Indication Partners
Source: Brazil's Ministry Of Health
Synflorix conjugate vaccine for paediatric pneumococcal disease GSK/ Fiocruz
Pramipexole Parkinson's disease Fiocruz /Boehringer Ingelheim Partnership deal
Atazanavir AIDS Bristol-Myers Squibb/Fiocruz
Adalimumabe Rheumatoid Arthitis and Chron's Disease IVB PharmaPraxis
Betainterferon 1a Multiple Sclerosis BIOMANGUINHOS Aché
Cabergolin Hiperprolactinemia BAHIAFARMA/FAR Cristália
Clozapine Antipsicótico LAFEPE/NUPLAM Cristália
IUD Contraceptive FURP /Injeflex
Donepezil Alzheimer's disease FUNED/FURP Cristália
Entecavir Antiviral FUNED /Microbiológica
Recombinat Factor VII Hemophylia HEMOBRAS /Cristália
Formoterol with Budesonide Antiasthmatic FARMANGUINHOS Chemo
Leflunomide Rheumatoid Arthitis LFM Cristália
Mycophenolate mofetil Imunossupressor FARMANGUINHOS/ Nortec/Roche
Octreotide Acromegalia IVB /Laborvida/Hygéia
Olanzapine Antipsicótico LAFEPE/NUPLAM Cristália
Pramipexol Parkinson's disease FARMANGUINHOS/FURP Boehringer/Nortec
Quetiapine Antipsicótico LAFEPE/NUPLAM Cristália
Raltegravir Antiretroviral LAFEPE MSD/Nortec
Rifampicin, Ethambutol, Isoniazid and Pyrazinamide Tuberculosis FARMANGUINHOS/FURP Lupin
Riluzol ALS Cristália
Ritonavir Antirretroviral LAFEPE Cristália
Rivastigmine Alzheimer's disease IVB Laborvida/Mappel
Sevelamer Chronic Renal Disease BAHIAFARMA/FAR Cristália/ITF
Sirolimus Imunessupressor FARMANGUINHOS Libbs
Tacrolimus Imunessupressor FARMANGUINHOS Libbs
Taliglucerase alfa Gaucher's Disease BIOMANGUINHOS Pfizer/Protalix
Tenofovir Antiretroviral FUNED Nortec/Blanver
Tenofovir Antiretroviral LAFEPE Cristália
Botulinum Toxin Muscle relaxant LAFEPE Cristália
Ziprasidone Antipisicótico LFM NPA/Heterodrugs
Recombinant Factor VIII Hemophilia A Hemobrás (Empresa Brasileira de Hemoderivados and Biotechnology)
Docetaxel Cancer Farmanguinhos / Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation)
Etanercept Immunosuppressant used to treat rheumatoid arthritis Biomanguinhos / Fiocruz / IVB (Instituto Vital Brazil)
Rituximab Rheumatoid arthritis Biomanguinhos / Fiocruz / IVB
Olanzapine Antipsychotic Nuplan (Center for Research on Food and Drugs / RN)
Everolimus Immunosuppressive FURP (Foundation for Popular Remedy / SP) and Bahiafarma
Sodium mycophenolate Immunosuppressant FURP and Bahiafarma
Sodium mycophenolate Immunosuppressant LQFEx (Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory of the Army)
Ritonavir Aids Lafepe (Pharmaceutical Laboratory of Pernambuco)
Lopinavir + Ritonavir 200 mg 50 mg Aids Farmanguinhos, and FURP Iquego (Chemical Industry of the State of Goiás)
Tenofovir 300 mg + lamivudine 300 mg and efavirenz 600 mg (3 in 1) Aids Farmanguinhos, Funed (Fundação Ezequiel Dias / MG) and Lafepe
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