EXINI/FUJIFILM Sign Contract For Heart Software; Extend boneBSI Contract

EXINI Diagnostics and FUJIFILM RI Pharma Co have signed a five-year contract. FUJIFILM has received exclusive rights for the software EXINI heart on the Japanese market. In conjunction, the present contract for EXINI boneBSI (bone scan index) has been extended for an additional five years. EXINI receives SEK 28.4mn for the licence agreements and a no-limit bonus. The projection for EXINI heart is expected to match EXINI boneBSI', thus rendering EXINI approximately SEK 20mn in bonuses for the contract period.

EXINI and FUJIFILM have cooperated over the past few years, implementing EXINI boneBSI on the Japanese market. During 2012, FUJIFILM reviewed the software EXINI heart and conducted extensive tests in hospitals throughout Japan. In addition to these two agreements, EXINI and FUJIFILM collaborate in an effort to establish BSI as the global standard for assessing progressed prostate, breast and lung cancer.

EXINI is strengthening its presence on the Japanese market through its collaboration with FUJIFILM. EXINI believes that competing products show problems defining small (female and Asian) hearts thus impeding a more accurate choice of treatment. EXINI heart solves these problems both effectively and innovatively.

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