ETView strengthens VivaSight patent protection

ETView Medical has entered into an exclusive licence agreement for two US patents with Dr James S Simon of Tiburon, CA.

The licensed patents are US Patent No. 7,052,456, entitled “Airway products having LEDs”, and No. 6,189,533, entitled “Endotracheal Intubation Device”. Both patents complement issued and pending US and international patents held by ETView covering the VivaSight-SL airway management system.

The VivaSight-SL is a single-use disposable medical device consisting of a single lumen ventilation tube with an integrated continuous high resolution video imaging system. Currently available in Europe, Israel and the US, the system overcomes current endotracheal tube intubation limitations and associated adverse surgical events during lung isolation surgeries. Lung isolation is employed to provide one-lung ventilation in patients undergoing thoracic, cardiac, vascular or oesophageal surgeries. During this process, temporary visualisation of the patient airway is achieved with a fibre-optic bronchoscope while the patient is ventilated and the target lung isolated. Intra-operative surgical manoeuvres often require repeated imaging and partial blocking of the airway to maintain lung isolation.

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