Etisalat Takes Cloud Services To MENA

Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) is partnering with Pacific Controls Cloud Services (PCCS) to extend its nascent portfolio of enterprise-class cloud computing services to at least five markets across the Middle East. The move represents the latest step forward in Etisalat's strategy to leverage its high-profile position within the region's remote computing and security services markets and leave it less dependent on its maturing core telecommunications services business. Although Etisalat's cloud services will benefit enterprises across the region, its efforts should provide a further boost to the local economy.

Part of the Pacific Controls group, PCCS provides ICT-enabled managed services and real-time business intelligence vital to the smooth running of intelligent networked systems, such as smart buildings and smart cities. It will help Etisalat offer Infrastructure - as - a - Service (IaaS) cloud-based platforms to businesses looking to develop new applications and services that require anytime anywhere access, on-demand scalability and pooled computing resources with high security. The services will be hosted at PCCS' Tier III datacentre in Dubai Technopark.

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The PCCS-Etisalat Cloud Services will be available with customised plans to suit enterprises' diverse requirements. By passing the task of managing complex IT infrastructure to Etisalat and PCCS, businesses can focus on their core business. The savings they make by outsourcing these activities will also enable enterprises to compete more aggressively on pricing as well as improving their margins. Among those industry verticals expected to be attracted to Etisalat's new IaaS offerings are government, banking and finance, education, energy, wholesale and retail, airlines, logistics and real estate.

Etisalat believes the Middle East IT market (including hardware) grew by around 20% in 2011 and, thanks to the use of unified communications (UC) platforms and cloud computing technology over advanced broadband infrastructure, telecoms companies such as Etisalat are often well placed to serve the increasingly complex data needs of large businesses .

Increased use of advanced communications services will make businesses larger, more efficient and more profitable, thus increasing the contribution they make to the local economy. The IT market - thanks to increased sales - will also contribute to economic growth, and BMI values the UAE's IT services market at US$1.139bn in 2012 while the software market is expected to generate US$691mn. By 2016, the services market will be worth US$1.748bn while the software market will be worth US$1.026bn.

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