Digicel Reduces Broadband Costs

News: Caribbean-based telecoms operator Digicel Bermuda significantly reduced the cost of its broadband services in the country. The operator reduced the cost of its 2Mbps services to BMD30 (US$30) a month, while the cost of its 4Mbps services has been reduced by more than 50% to BMD40 (US$40) from BMD90 (US$90). After the reduction, a subscriber would be required to pay BMD50 (US$50) for 6Mbps, BMD60 (US$60) for 8Mbps and BMD70 (US$70) for 10Mbps packages. Additionally, the cost of 15Mbps and 25Mbps packages have now been reduced to BMD90 (US$90) and BMD150 (US$150) respectively.

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