Dehaier looks to sell high-efficiency oxygen inhaler

Dehaier Medical Systems has developed an oxygen inhaler in partnership with Dr Ding Jianzhang of Beijing Haidian Hospital, which is expected to begin selling in the third quarter of 2012 in mainland China. The portable device is designed for use in homecare oxygen therapy, emergency treatment, disaster relief activities and high-altitude settings.

In 2003, Jianzhang received a patent for an atmospheric oxygen therapy mask. Dehaier obtained an exclusive licence to this patent and has re-designed, developed and used the technology to create the oxygen inhaler. The latter is portable and features instantaneous high volume oxygen delivery, while also reducing waste through its uniquely triggered oxygen conveying system. The system supplies oxygen volume automatically according to patient lung capacity and delivers oxygen only on inhalation. The company plans to apply a patent on its design and technology of the self-titled "high-efficiency oxygen inhaler" from the China Patent and Trademark office.

Dehaier believes that a portable and efficient device for individuals with severe oxygenation failure or cerebrovascular disease would improve their standard of living and fill a distinct niche in China's medical homecare market. It will also be made available to athletes such as mountain climbers, emergency rescue personnel and others who need portable and convenient oxygen.

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