Cook offers Zilver Vena venous self-expanding stent in Canada

Cook Medical has made the Zilver Vena venous self-expanding stent available to physicians across Canada at the 2012 annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery. Designed to restore blood flow in obstructed iliofemoral veins, Zilver Vena provides physicians with a tool designed specifically for stenting obstructed iliofemoral veins. This condition can arise for various reasons, including post-thrombotic syndrome in deep vein thrombosis (DVT) patients.

According to a study by Dr A Rosales of the department of vascular surgery at Oslo University Hospital, post-thrombotic syndrome characterised by reflux and/or obstruction can be expected to develop in up to 40 per cent of DVT patients. Built on Cook's line of Zilver stents, the Zilver Vena stent is a flexible, self-expanding stent made with "shape-memory" nitinol. Zilver Vena was developed to address a challenging clinical issue, the need to establish and maintain blood flow in obstructed iliofemoral veins.

The stent provides flexibility, consistent radial force and continuous stent-to-vein wall apposition from end to end. Zilver Vena is currently available in 14 and 16mm diameters and 60, 100 and 140mm lengths to enable precise placement, and is compatible with 7Fr sheaths and 9Fr guiding catheters.

The Zilver Vena stent is currently under regulatory review by the FDA and is not approved for sale in the US.

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