ContextVision showcases new tools for enhanced medical imaging

At the European Congress of Radiology, held from 7th to 11th March 2013, in Vienna, Austria, ContextVision showcased products including:

• GOPiCE US (3D/4D). The industry's first ultrasound real-time 3D filtering product, it enhances 3D ultrasound volumes by filtering images to remove speckle, noise and other artifacts, while simultaneously sharpening diagnostically significant structures. Volumetric acquisitions empowered by multi-dimensional image enhancement leads to faster and more accurate diagnosis.

• Three New add-on modules for GOPView XR2Plus were shown, including Intelligent Exposure Index based on the relevant region of the image, ie, true tissue. ContextVision also showed its Defect Correct Library, as well as Doctors Interface for end user image control.

• GOPView iRVUltra. ContextVision's second generation of image-enhancement technology for interventional radiology reduces noise while enhancing fine structures and edges. This ultimately allows for significantly improved image quality while maintaining patient dose, or, alternatively, preserved image quality using a lower patient dose.

The company's ultra-fast algorithms for 3D/4D image enhancement allow doctors improved diagnostic value in 2D planes as well as in 3D renderings. These additional dimensions are essential to ultrasound examinations because they decrease the risk of not having acquired the entire anatomy, as could be the case with a 2D examination. With 3D, the whole anatomy can be acquired with one single scan.

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