Bosnalijek/Abdi Ibrahim enter into strategic business agreement

The Bosnia and Herzegovina business, Bosnalijek, and Turkey's Abdi Ibrahim have signed their first four licence agreements to co-operate in extending their product portfolios. The agreements, which were signed in Sarajevo, include selling Abdi Ibrahim's products under Bosnalijek's brand in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and elsewhere. The four products covered by the agreement are used in the treatment of hypertension, dementia and cholesterol. Bosnalijek claims to be active in 12 countries across the world, and the largest producer of pharmaceuticals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The firms noted that the agreements are the first step in developing co-operation between the two. The next step will be to establish a strategic partnership covering the markets of Russia and Ukraine, under which Bosnalijek will use its established position in the markets to offer Abdi Ibrahim's products.

Realisation of the mentioned agreements is only the first step in cooperation of the two companies. The next step will be establishment of a strategic partnership in two pharmaceutical markets of Ukraine and Russia. The joint presentation in this form of cooperation represents joining of forces in the production portfolio and marketing and distribution of products. Bosnalijek will enrich its offer with Abdi Ibrahim's products, while Abdi Ibrahim will use the successfully established position of Bosnalijek in those markets.

Agreement Information:
Agreement Status: New Date Announced: 14 Feb 2013
Date Last Reported: Duration:
Est Total Value: Investment To Date:
Agreement Type: Commercialisation
Generic / Brand Name:
Therapeutic Area: Cardiovascular System Central Nervous System
Techonology/Field: N/A

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