Asian cancer patients start to benefit from Elekta’s radiotherapy

A group of patients at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore have become the first in the country to receive their radiation therapy treatments on the centre’s Elekta Synergy treatment system equipped with Agility 160-leaf multi-leaf collimator (MLC). The beam-shaping systems' fast leaf movements enabled clinicians at the hospital to cut treatment times nearly in half.

Gleneagles Hospital acquired the Elekta synergy system in June with Agility integrated, powered by the Integrity R3.0 digital control system and is the first centre in Southeast Asia to have Agility 160-leaf MLC. The centre also plans treatments with Elekta’s Monaco treatment planning system. As of 14th September, the hospital brought the Agility-equipped Elekta Synergy up to a full-day’s schedule of 25 to 30 patients.

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