APMT Tries To Weaken Labour Union, Amega Claims

News: Americas Gateway Development Corporation (Amega) CEO Aubrey de Young has claimed that Netherlands-based APM Terminals (APMT) tried to weaken the labour union of the Costa Rican Port of Moín amid protests against AMPT's container terminal concession. Sintrajap, the labour union for Atlantic port authority Japdeva, had called a strike action at the Moín and Limón ports in July 2012 to protest against APMTs' concession, claiming that it was a monopoly. Amega and APMT are developing terminal projects in the Port of Moín. Amega has been allowed to develop a deep-water transshipment terminal project through a public bid. Meanwhile, APMT was awarded a 30-year concession to build and operate a container terminal.

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Sector: Freight Transport, Shipping
Geography: Costa Rica

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