Altrazeal launches in Austria

Uluru has begun shipments of 0.75g packs of Altrazeal powder wound dressing to its Austrian marketing partner. Altrazeal is an advanced, scientifically-engineered material that is claimed to be unique in the field of advanced wound care dressings in terms of properties and performance. It incorporates the features and benefits of the desired "ideal" wound dressing. Altrazeal has demonstrated potential clinical and economic advantages in a number of chronic and acute wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and geriatric wounds.

Altrazeal is composed of powder particles designed to provide optimal oxygen and moisture vapour transpiration, as well as microbial impermeability, tensile strength and flexibility. Upon contact with exudate, the Altrazeal powder particles aggregate to form a moist, flexible film and an intimate contact with the wound bed. No other dressing is known to conform so closely to the wound bed on a microcellular level. Although the precise mechanism of action has not been determined, it is believed that this close contact and high moisture vapour transpiration rate creates a low pressure at the interface between the dressing and wound bed that stimulates the formation of healthy granulation tissue.

The blister pack configuration will be the only dosage form offered for sale in Europe. In addition to the design, the 0.75g blister pack contains a more suitable amount of product to treat smaller chronic wounds. In the future, a 2g blister pack will be designed, which will be introduced onto all international markets.

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