Agenix/Arrayjet To Jointly Develop DiagnostIQ POC Diagnostic Platform

Agenix has entered into a co-operation and cross-licencing agreement with Arrayjet. The agreement commits the partners to undertake R&D both in Scotland and Australia to jointly develop a point-of-care (POC) test that seeks to combine the speed, portability and ease of use of Agenix' patented flow through DiagnostIQ POC platform with the sensitivity, accuracy and multiplexing ability of Arrayjet's planar microarray technology. The parties aim to meet the costs of development in part by research grants and access to R&D tax incentives.

Dr Iain McWilliam, Arrayjet CEO, stated that the company sees the vertical flow, disposable cartridge at the heart of the DiagnostIQ platform as the ideal vehicle for a multiplex diagnostic array. The eventual aim will be to offer customers an end-to-end process, whereby they can rapidly translate a novel biomarker profile into a diagnostic tool presented on a reformatted version of DiagnostIQ to afford the end-user a simple-to-use, cost-effective solution.

Agenix' DiagnostIQ is a patented disposable POC test device with reader. DiagnostIQ utilises an antibody/antigen printed membrane, a pre-filter device and an incubation chamber in a flow-through format to create a sensitive and quantitative, rapid, test. The patented technology provides the potential for point-of-need testing that is simple and quick to use, gives rapid and accurate results.

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