Affymetrix links up with Singapore-based start-up for pathogen detection test

Affymetrix and PathGEN Dx, a spin-off molecular diagnostics company founded by researchers from the Genome Institute of Singapore, have signed a "Powered by Affymetrix (PbA)" programme agreement.

Under this PbA agreement, PathGEN Dx will develop an in vitro diagnostic kit for comprehensive pathogen detection using their PathGEN PathChip and is based on a patented and accurate microarray-based protocol and analysis method. The kit will be comprised of PathGEN Dx’ reagents, an automated software package, and a contract manufactured GeneChip microarray from Affymetrix. The test will detect the presence of more than 70,000 viral and bacterial genomes from a wide variety of human samples, annotate the genomic information and identify co-infecting pathogens.

According to PathGEN Dx' co-founder, this will be the start of a development plan for a diagnostic microarray that aims to help medical researchers and surveillance investigators identify the full range of viruses and bacteria in their samples. The PbA programme agreement also provides PathGEN Dx with access to Affymetrix’ international distribution network.

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