Adcetris Available In Japan For CDR30-Positive r/r HL/ALCL

Takeda Pharmaceutical's Adcetris (brentuximab vedotin) 50mg for intravenous drip infusion is now available for the treatment for patients with CD30-positive relapsed or refractory Hodgkin's lymphoma (r/r HL) or r/r anaplastic large cell lymphoma (r/r ALCL) in Japan.

Adcetris received orphan drug designation from Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in March 2012, and Japanese manufacturing and marketing authorisation in January 2014. Additionally, Adcetris was placed on the country's National Health Insurance drug price list on April 17 2014.

Adcetris is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) comprised of an anti-CD30 monoclonal antibody attached by a protease-cleavable linker to a microtubule disrupting agent, monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE), utilising Seattle Genetics' proprietary technology. The ADC employs a linker system that is designed to be stable in the bloodstream but to release MMAE upon internalisation into CD30-expressing tumour cells.

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