AcuFocus gets approval for presbyopia treatment

AcuFocus now has approval from the Korean FDA for the Kamra inlay, a corneal inlay that is designed to only permit focused light rays to enter the eye, allowing patients to see near and intermediate objects more clearly without glasses. The product will be distributed in South Korea by Woo Jeon Medical Co.

According to AcuFocus, over one third of the South Korean population is currently struggling with vision loss associated with presbyopia, a figure that is projected to increase to over 40 per cent by the year 2020. Presbyopia has previously been treated with reading glasses, contact lenses or monovision LASIK, all of which compromised distance and intermediate vision. To date, the Kamra inlay has been implanted in more than 11,000 patients and is now available in 35 countries worldwide, including markets across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and South America. CE-marked in Europe, the device is been studied under an IDE in the US.

The Kamra inlay is an intra-corneal inlay designed to create a small aperture effect, allowing the eye to see near and intermediate objects more clearly while maintaining distance vision. By applying the “depth-of-focus” principle commonly used in photography, the inlay controls light transmission, allowing only central rays to reach the retina through a fixed 1.6mm aperture.

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