A Heavy Burden Of Perinatal Conditions

BMI View : Developing rural healthcare services and improving access to healthcare has been a long-term challenge for Ghana. As such, the introduction of portable ultrasound products in these areas will not significantly reduce maternal and perinatal conditions in the country in the medium term . Disability-adjusted life years lost to perinatal conditions are currently three times that of maternal conditions and are expected to increase over the next decade . This is due to women b e aring children at an older age and adopting more urbanised, unhealthy lifestyle s - increasing the risk of infant mortality.

Ghana's Ministry of Health (MoH) and General Electric (GE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support healthcare development through proposed healthcare infrastructure development projects, according to the Ghana News Agency. The three projects include the introduction of GE's hand- held mobile ultrasound product, VScan, into the Ghana Community-based Health Planning and Services in order to reduce maternal and neonatal/infant deaths under the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5.

The introduction of the VScan will be well received by doctors and pregnant women in ru ral areas , as the device will provide means to monitor the duration of pregnancies and will also allow appropriate action to be taken to reduce the risk of maternal or infant death. However, BMI highlights that geographical hindrances to healthcare access in rural areas means the majority of pregnant women are unlikely to maintain routine check-ups or even see k consultation during pregnancy.

BMI 's Burden of Disease Database indicates that Ghana will continue to be heavily burdened by both maternal and perinatal conditions over the long term. We highlight that disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) lost to perinatal conditions will continue to be approximately three times greater than those of maternal conditions , indicating that pregnancy complications are largely to the detriment of newborn babies. W e forecast DALYs lost to maternal conditions will decrease over the period as women increase their child-b e ar ing age and are less at risk of maternal mortality. However, DALYs lost to perinatal conditions are expected to increase as women bear children at an older age and adopt increasingly urbanised, unhealthy lifestyle s , increasing the risk of infant mortality.

Problems At Birth
DALY's Lost To Maternal And Perinatal Conditions In Ghana
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