3M claims infringement of orthodontic brace patent by Riton

3M Unitek and related businesses have served Guangzhou Riton Biomaterial (Riton) with a lawsuit alleging infringement of 3M’s patent related to lingual orthodontic braces in a court in Germany. The European patent, No. 1,474,064, “Modular System for Customised Orthodontic Appliances” covers 3M Unitek's Incognito lingual braces. The latter address the demand for effective and invisible orthodontic treatments. Unlike conventional braces, the Incognito system is bonded to the tongue side of teeth.

3M claims that Riton’s e-Brace lingual bracket system infringes its patent and is requesting that the court stop Riton from infringing 3M’s patent and award damages.

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Sector: Medical Devices
Geography: China

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