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In-depth country-focused analysis on Burkina Faso's economic, political and operational risk environment, complemented by detailed sector insight

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Our comprehensive assessment of Burkina Faso's operating environment and the outlook for its leading sectors are formed by bringing together a wealth of data on global markets that affect Burkina Faso, as well as the latest industry developments that could impact Burkina Faso’s industries. This unique integrated approach has given us an impeccable track-record for predicting important shifts in the markets, ensuring you’re aware of the latest market opportunities and risks in Burkina Faso before your competitors.

Country Risk

Burkina Faso Country Risk

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  • Annual real GDP growth in Benin will average 5.2% between 2015 and 2024 as consumer spending increases and the country's political stability engenders elevated levels of fixed investment. Nevertheless, a sporadic electricity supply and reliance on cotton production will hold back the pace of economic development.

  • Benin's political landscape shows little sign of fragility, and will remain one of the most stable, open and accountable in West Africa in the years ahead, enjoined by a free press and a multitude of political parties. Nevertheless, the country faces challenges in the long term such as an overspill of violence from piracy and terrorist activity in the region, and the potential for tribal/ethnic schisms to open.


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Burkina Faso Country Risk

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Core Views

  • Burkina Faso will continue along its present growth trajectory over the next 10 years, growing at an average annual rate of 6.9%. A continued dependence on primary industries, however, will ensure that the country remains vulnerable to external shocks such as extreme weather and commodity price fluctuations.

  • We believe that declining gold prices will make Burkina Faso's mining sector a less attractive investment proposition, though a revised taxation code will prop up the industry to some extent. The new code, due to be formulated in late 2014, will contain a number of business-friendly concessions aimed at attracting investment into the gold sector over the long term.

  • Growing disaffection with long-ruling President Blaise Compaore, a rapidly growing population, and increasing regional security threats will challenge political...

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