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Food & Drink

Bahamas Food & Drink

BMI View:

BMI View: We are turning more positive regarding economic growth in the Caribbean, as structural and financial reforms take hold in the region, tourism numbers are picking up and growth is stronger in key western states such as the US. The large decline in the price of oil over the last nine months will boost the region's consumer spending, as the Caribbean is a large net oil importer. Inflation will remain low which will help food consumption growth over the coming years. That said, many regional economies continue to be heavily indebted which limits general investment. We believe that general food consumption growth will be strongest in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic's case, food consumption is coming off of a very low base. Ongoing recession in Puerto Rico, one of the region&#39...

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Bahamas Insurance

BMI View:

BMI View: Apparent slow growth in the region during 2015 is generally the result of continued USD strength, rather than structural weaknesses in the insurance sector. While offshore business, principally in Barbados and the Cayman Islands, may steal the headlines, domestic business is typically under-developed in both life and non-life lines. International players barely feature in the region, deterred by small market sizes and the strength of leading regional players who control large portions of most markets.

The insurance markets of the Caribbean, particularly offshore business but also domestic sectors, are heavily tied to the economic fortunes of the United States and Canada. The ongoing recovery in both of these should boost the fortunes of the region's insurers, driving demand for offshore reinsurance and captives, as well as boosting domestic economies. On the whole, regulation...

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Bahamas Telecommunications

BMI View:

BMI View: Our expectation for major changes in the Caribbean has already begun to play out, with the news that CWC will need to sell its 49% stake in operator Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT). This means the market is looking at a significant shake-up, one of many that will take place in the region. The CWC acquisition of Columbus International will have a far-reaching regional impact in the broadband internet and pay-TV markets, which remain underdeveloped and ripe for growth and is already affecting regulatory environments in other markets. In response to the acquisition we expect acquisition...

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Bahamas Tourism

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