Steady GDP Growth Unlikely To Persist

China's economy expanded by 6.8% y-o-y in Q416, bringing the full-year growth rate to 6.7%. However, we believe that the aggressive fiscal and monetary support in 2016 has resulted in a worsening of existing structural weaknesses in the economy....

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Oil Rebound Will Partially Offset Liquidity Crisis

Nigeria will enjoy positive growth in 2017 as the oil sector begins to recover. Nevertheless, this growth will be lacklustre at best, and our forecast is predicated on the expectation that there will be a further devaluation to the naira this year,...

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Siemens Healthineers/Biogen Partnership To Fill Gap In MS Diagnosis

The collaboration between Siemens Healthineers and Biogen will play to each company's strengths in order to fulfil an unmet need in quantitative multiple sclerosis diagnosis. The growing use of MRI as a diagnostic tool accentuates the need for such...

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Floating LNG-To-Power As Market Enabler

Floating LNG-to-power solutions have the potential to transform segregated power markets, by offering a smaller scale more flexible alternative to onshore power plants and import facilities. We see the most upside in the Indonesian and Philippine...

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US-Russia Relations: Three Scenarios, 2017-2021

US-Russia relations are likely to see a modest improvement under President Donald Trump, who strongly favours a rapprochement with Moscow. However, a dramatic improvement in bilateral relations is unlikely, as this faces powerful opposition from the...

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Hard Line By EU On Free Movement Engenders 'Hard Brexit'

By announcing that it will in all likelihood pursue a 'hard Brexit' the British government has implied a much looser relationship with the EU after Brexit. With the UK planning to leave the single market this poses risks to the UK economy, and we...

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Diesel Outlook To Improve On Mining, Infrastructure Spending

Diesel consumption in Asia will increase 1.9% y-o-y in 2017, driven by robust mining activities in India and Australia, and an upsurge in infrastructure spending in large emerging markets, including the Philippines and Indonesia, even as elevated...

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What Our Clients Want To Know: Consumer Themes In 2017

In January 2017, we hosted a webinar on Key Consumer Themes in 2017. The presentation covered a wide range of topics, including Sugar Taxes, Rise of Convenience and Technology, Growing Health Consciousness, Impact of Populism, Marijuana Legalisation...

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Biotechs Will Showcase New Technologies In 2017

Small biotechs will generate interest as they display potentially transformative cancer treatments in 2017. While these new technologies are in early stages, they will attract interest from big pharma as they progress through human trials. Gene...

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