Debt Issuance To Cover Huge Fiscal Shortfalls

Oman will rely primarily on debt issuance to cover its large fiscal deficits over the coming years. We forecast a budget deficit of 12.2% of GDP in 2017 and staying in double digits until 2019. As well as turning to international debt markets to...

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Renewable Subsidy Scandal Risks Stability Of NI Executive

Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster faces a vote of no confidence that could bring down the governing Executive, and reignite political tensions that have been contained for a number of years. The scandal that risks Foster's position,...

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Five Key Themes In Asia Agribusiness

The agribusiness sector in Asia will rebound in 2017 after the 2015-2016 El Niño episode strongly impacted production and consumption across key markets in the region. In the longer term, the region will remain an outperformer globally in terms of...

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Rising Rates Over 2017 To Keep Inflation Subdued

The Central Bank of Oman will be forced to follow the Fed's tightening cycle over the coming months, despite low inflation and rising liquidity pressures at home. Combined with low commodity prices, the strength of the US dollar, and weaker economic...

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Import Reliance To Favour Multinational Drugmakers

Kuwait's pharmaceutical landscape will remain dominated by multinational drugmakers as local firms lack advanced manufacturing capabilities. Despite the Kuwaiti government's efforts to strengthen the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the majority of...

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Economic Resilience Beginning To Fade

Turkey's economy shrank in Q316 for the first time since 2009, as heightened political and economic uncertainty weighed on investment. The government will attempt to counter slowing growth through increased spending, although this will lead to a...

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Nuclear-Free Future, Coal To Dominate

Vietnam's u-turn on nuclear power is unsurprising given the sizeable costs of the technology, the high likelihood of construction delays and the government's focus on cheaper fuel - namely coal.

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