Trump Triumphs: Winners and Losers in Core Industries

As the dust settles, and based on our previous scenarios for a Trump victory, below we lay out our initial thoughts on which core sectors will be the winners, which will be losers and which will be facing a mixed outlook under a Trump administration.

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Trump Victory to Lead to Healthcare Sector Turbulence

The outcome of the US presidential election, with Donald Trump taking a surprising victory, is a mixed result for pharmaceutical companies. Drug pricing remains the key issue worrying drugmakers, and this concern was present well before the...

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Trump Presidency: Implications for Russia and NATO

Donald Trump's victory opens the possibility of a significant improvement in US-Russia relations, albeit with some major caveats. Meanwhile, despite Trump's critical attitude towards NATO, he is unlikely to abandon the alliance.

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Trump Presidency Portends Major Shake-Up of World Order

BMI View: President-elect Donald Trump is likely to pursue a major shake-up of the US-led international system, thus alarming allies and opponents alike with his 'America first' foreign policy. Trump's presidency will portend more instability...

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Election Scenarios And Market Implications

The trajectory of US stocks, bonds and global risk assets over the remainder of 2016 will be largely determined by the election outcome. A Clinton victory would likely result in the relief rally seen on November 7 turning into a run at a new all-...

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BMI Vs Consensus: Positive On Ghanaian Growth

We retain our positive outlook on Ghanaian growth, and our expectations of Nigerian naira depreciation are milder than those of other analysts. We also expect Angola inflation to be higher than consensus forecasts.

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Fiscal Pressures Waning; Modest Reforms Ahead

Qatar's fiscal situation will improve from 2017 as gains in hydrocarbon prices boost revenues and the government continues to diversify its sources of income. The government will maintain its efforts to increase its revenue base and to rationalise...

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Autonomous Vehicles Could Erode Transport Construction Demand

The adoption of driverless freight and passenger vehicles will disrupt and enhance existing transport networks and make obsolete traditional ways of thinking about public transit. We use two scenarios, based on if adoption will be done on a...

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