Hard Line By EU On Free Movement Engenders 'Hard Brexit'

By announcing that it will in all likelihood pursue a 'hard Brexit' the British government has implied a much looser relationship with the EU after Brexit. With the UK planning to leave the single market this poses risks to the UK economy, and we...

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Diesel Outlook To Improve On Mining, Infrastructure Spending

Diesel consumption in Asia will increase 1.9% y-o-y in 2017, driven by robust mining activities in India and Australia, and an upsurge in infrastructure spending in large emerging markets, including the Philippines and Indonesia, even as elevated...

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What Our Clients Want To Know: Consumer Themes In 2017

In January 2017, we hosted a webinar on Key Consumer Themes in 2017. The presentation covered a wide range of topics, including Sugar Taxes, Rise of Convenience and Technology, Growing Health Consciousness, Impact of Populism, Marijuana Legalisation...

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Biotechs Will Showcase New Technologies In 2017

Small biotechs will generate interest as they display potentially transformative cancer treatments in 2017. While these new technologies are in early stages, they will attract interest from big pharma as they progress through human trials. Gene...

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Asian Demand A Relief For Nigeria

Crude tanker flows support claims of strong compliance from core GCC members to the agreed output cut. This will maintain a narrower premium of Brent over Dubai for H117, opening opportunities for sellers of Brent-linked crudes to Asia.

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Quick View: Unrest Will Weigh On The Economy

On January 17, incumbent Gambian President Yahya Jammeh declared a state of emergency in The Gambia, two days prior to the date that Adama Barrow, who defeated Jammeh in presidential elections held on December 1, is scheduled to hold his...

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Video: State of Play 2017

Managing Director Terry Alexander and Chief Economist Tim Cooper of BMI Research discuss the Dow, the Dollar, Sterling and EM FX, outlining our core macro and market views as 2017 gets underway with Trump continuing to dominate the agenda.

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