Healthcare reforms Will Boost Opportunities For Drugmakers

Amidst the demographic inequalities, influx of refugees, and financial uncertainties within Tunisia's healthcare system, reforms will become of a higher priority over the coming decade. Indeed, healthcare reforms will significantly increase the...

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Little Known About Trump's TMT Ambitions

Even though Donald Trump has said very little regarding his policy positions on the TMT sector, a change of perspective around many topics is likely. They include net neutrality, mergers and acquisitions, the power of Silicon Valley and the...

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Healthcare Forecast Revision Will Not Alter Outlook

While we expect a significant increase in healthcare spending in 2017, reflecting economic improvement, improvements to the healthcare sector will not be significant. Belarus' approved budget for 2017 includes a significant hike in public healthcare...

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Cutting Through The Hype: The Global EV Outlook

Global sales of alternatively fuelled passenger cars will expand at a strong average rate of 23.5% to account for 22.1% of all new car sales by 2025. However, at these rates of growth, pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will remain a marginal...

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