2017 To Be A Key Year For Domestic Politics

Cambodia's political scene looks set to heat up in 2017 as municipal elections will be held on June 4, which will shed light on the likelihood of the ruling CPP retaining power at the next general election in 2018. Prime Minister Hun Sen appears to...

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Trump Presidency A Threat To Brent

A Trump presidency poses downside risk to our oil price outlook. A failure to agree collective action at the November meeting of OPEC, an accelerated recovery in shale and heightened economic uncertainty are all potential triggers for a downgrade...

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Trump’s Foreign Policy: Rhetoric Vs Pragmatism

US President-elect Donald Trump will be forced to adopt a more pragmatic than expected foreign policy in the near term, as any attempts at dramatic change would likely face resistance from the foreign policy establishment and the 'realities of power...

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Political Infighting To Hamper Anti-Extremism Efforts

Recent developments highlight the ongoing threat of terrorism in Pakistan, which will persist for the foreseeable future. The increased activity of Islamic State in the country is a major concern, while the continued lack of willingness on the part...

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Healthcare reforms Will Boost Opportunities For Drugmakers

Amidst the demographic inequalities, influx of refugees, and financial uncertainties within Tunisia's healthcare system, reforms will become of a higher priority over the coming decade. Indeed, healthcare reforms will significantly increase the...

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