Assassination To Worsen Security Environment

The December 19 assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey will not lead to a noticeable deterioration of relations between the two countries. However, the attack will lead to a worsening security environment in Turkey, compounding the country's...

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SSA Autos: Slow Return To Growth

Vehicle sales growth in Sub-Saharan Africa will be just above the global average in 2017, but this belies the ongoing weakness in the region which is keeping growth levels far below potential. South Africa and Nigeria, as the region's biggest...

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MEA Power: Key Regional Themes

A brighter outlook for power consumption will mean MENA will outperform SSA in the form of investment opportunities, as the latter region continues to battle with supply shortages. As such, East Africa's focus on power market integration, and...

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Americas Mining: The Four Key Themes

Miners in both North and South America will remain focused on cutting costs and divesting from non-core assets to reduce debt, increasingly attracting foreign investment as mineral prices stabilise. Increasingly divergent policies will either...

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Frequency Of Internet Shutdowns A Risk For All Players

The DRC regulatory decision to order telecom operators to block social media networks poses substantial risks to operator revenue generation capabilities, which will act as a deterrent to investment and innovation.

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Deeper Inventory Draws If OPEC Plays Ball

A drawdown in global stocks signals a tightening in the market which will be further aided by the OPEC, non-OPEC production cuts that are targeting bloated inventories, particularly in the Atlantic Basin

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Federal Budget Will Bode Well For Healthcare Sector

Healthcare will remain a priority in the UAE despite a stagnant federal budget for 2017. Continued government investment into the various social sectors, economic growth from the non-oil sector and improved intellectual property legislation mean...

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Challenging Outlook For Saudi Consumer

We believe the Saudi consumer will face a challenging environment in 2017 as the non-oil economy suffers as a result of fiscal consolidation reforms introduced by the government. Wage cuts, higher unemployment and low confidence levels will weigh on...

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