Our Top Charts Of 2016

2016 has been a tumultuous year for Latin America from a country risk perspective, characterised by deep recessions, an often volatile and changing political landscape, as well as early indications of meaningful reforms. The region's high degree of...

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BSP Will Be Forced To Hike Rates In 2017

While we expect the BSP to maintain a neutral monetary stance through Q117, we believe that the central bank will be forced to hike its benchmark RRP rate by 50bps to 3.50% before end-2017. We expect the BSP to tighten its monetary policy stance as...

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Despite Rising Oil Prices, Headwinds Remain

Economic growth in Azerbaijan will remain weak in 2017, despite recovering oil prices. The central bank failed to restore confidence in the manat (AZN) resulting in the currency continuing to sell-off squeezing foreign currency reserves.

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Subdued Short-Term Consumer Momentum

South Africa's consumer outlook will regain momentum, albeit only gradually in 2017. We hold a tepid outlook for the growth of the country's economic environment, weighing substantially on consumer confidence. High and rising unemployment,...

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Strong Growth Ahead For e-Commerce Despite Logistical Hurdles

Within APAC, we identify Vietnam as having strong growth potential for e-commerce, on the back of rapidly rising broadband and mobile penetration, greater foreign investment in ICT, and strong state backing and robust economic outlook. Logistics...

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