UN Resolution Will Put Few Constraints On Israel

The adoption of a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank will put few practical constraints on Israel, given the non-binding nature of recommendations and the radical change in US policies towards Israel, once Trump takes...

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Asia Infrastructure: Key Themes for 2017

Our outlook for the construction and infrastructure industry in Asia in 2017 remains stable, with outperformers in emerging and frontier Southeast Asian markets balancing slower growth in developed markets and China. Governments will play a larger...

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Improving Compliance Will Provide Edge In Insulin Delivery

Developments in insulin delivery will continue to be marked by efforts to improve therapy compliance. Novel delivery techniques and connected devices will provide a competitive advantage in a contested market that will remain lucrative due to the...

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Strong Revenue Growth Bodes Well For Fiscal Consolidation

The near-term shock from demonetisation and the delayed implementation of India's nation-wide GST system until late-2017 will not undermine the country's fiscal consolidation efforts. Instead, we expect these measures to be positive for revenue...

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HCV Success Will Undermine Its Own Market

The hepatitis C therapeutic revolution will continue to drive Gilead Sciences' blockbuster success and fuel further interest in the sector. The high success rate has driven significantly higher usage and has improved the disease outcome for more...

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2017: A Year Of Political Consolidation

Malaysia's political scene in 2017 will be marked by consolidation in the ruling BN and opposition parties, as they all seek to strengthen their positions following the tumultuous years of 2015 and 2016. While general elections must be held by mid-...

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Wider Current Account Deficit A Positive For Growth

Côte d'Ivoire's current account deficit will expand modestly over the next several years as imports related to its rapid economic growth outpace exports. That said, given the productive nature of many of these imports, the wider deficit will be...

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CEE Infrastructure: Key Themes For 2017

Fiscal weakness across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in 2017 will heighten the importance of development funding in driving infrastructure growth, particularly in Central Asian markets and in the rail sectors of countries throughout CEE. Poor...

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