Rwanda-Burundi Tensions Not Likely To Destabilise Rwanda

Rwanda will remain one the most stable countries in East Africa even as tensions remain strained between Rwanda and Burundi. A solid support base for President Paul Kagame will see social unrest remain limited in 2017, despite the president running...

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Monetary And Fiscal Pressures Will Push Bond Note Expansion

Zimbabwean monetary policy will continue to revolve around the pace at which the central bank injects bond notes into the economy over the coming quarters. The likely expansion of the use of bond notes will see inflation move back into positive...

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Political Risks Underappreciated By Markets

Markets appear to be underpricing elevated political risks and the high degree of uncertainty facing the eurozone, stemming from both domestic and external factors. Despite strengthening eurozone economic data in Q416 and early 2017, we believe...

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Multiple Drivers To Accelerate APAC Battery Storage Uptake

Battery storage capacity deployment will gain traction in Asia over the coming decade, as policymakers and consumers intensify their efforts to integrate and adapt to an increasing supply of intermittent renewable energy. We believe the three market...

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Commodities Exports Sustaining Construction Industry Expansion

Ongoing investment into delivering Mozambique's commodities to international markets will help to sustain infrastructure industry growth over our forecast period between 2017 and 2026, even as the government's fiscal woes weigh on the development of...

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Pharmacy Expansion Bodes Well For Generic Medicines Outlook

South Africa's generic drug industry is well-placed to benefit from the expansion of the country's retail pharmaceutical sector. While expansion will create commercial opportunities for generic drugmakers, proposed regulatory changes will continue...

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Strong Interdependence Will Sustain Trade Relations

A heavy reliance on bilateral liquids trade between Canada and the US will anchor forthcoming negotiations and encourage pragmatism. Regional interdependence of oil and products trade will dominate for the foreseeable future given pipeline links and...

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