Fiscal Reforms To Drive Inflation Over The Coming Years

Inflation in Saudi Arabia will ease over the coming quarters, as the pace of subsidy cuts slows, while other fiscal reforms drag aggregate demand. This trend will reverse in 2018, when the Saudi Arabian government introduces a 5% Value-Added-Tax...

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Oil Outlook Subdued On Persistent Price Weakness

Low oil prices will continue to undermine long-term crude oil production growth in Asia, as major producers curb upstream spending and implement stringent cost-saving measures to weather the oil price downturn. In contrast, gas production will see...

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Construction FDI Depressed By Regulatory Challenges

Initiatives seeking to promote foreign investment in India, such as ‘Make in India’, will continue to struggle with attracting multinational interest in the country’s construction and infrastructure market. Indeed, issues surrounding land...

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Investment And Consumption Behind Growth Pick-Up

Strong consumption and investment fundamentals will continue to drive economic activity in Israel over the coming quarters. The export sector will return to positive territory, mostly benefiting from low base effects, but will remain vulnerable amid...

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Muted Impact From EVs On Gasoline Demand

Global oil demand growth is falling into secular decline, driven by a mix of technological, economic and demographic change and progressive switching to other fuels.

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Intergovernmental Drug Pricing Agreements To Challenge Drugmakers

The agreement signed between Bulgaria and Romania to cooperate in medicine pricing follows a trend of increasing regional integration among European countries. Patients in these countries - as well as those in other CEE countries that are expected...

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Ofcom Takes First Steps Against BT's Dominance

Ofcom imposing spectrum caps should be taken as a warning by BT. While we do not think the incumbent will look to reverse the situation, this signals greater regulatory scrutiny in an area BT would like to keep the status quo: the future of...

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Trade Integration Would Survive An End To NAFTA

US President-elect Donald Trump will advocate a more protectionist trade policy over the coming four years, which could fundamentally reshape US trade relations with Canada and Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). However,...

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