Fundamentals Aligning To Support Price Growth

Coordinated output cuts will support the market rebalancing that will draw down global stock levels, leading us to revise up our Brent crude forecast for 2017 to USD57/bbl. Downside risk to our forecast stems from the potential softening of Chinese...

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Crucial Reforms Still Off The Cards

Substantive economic and business environment reforms will remain largely out of reach in South Africa in the coming quarters, undermined by the current challenging economic conditions and deep divisions within the ruling African National Congress...

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Rafsanjani's Passing A Blow To Moderates Before Election

The death of Hashemi Rafsanjani is a major blow to the moderate bloc in Iran's political system, ahead of presidential elections in May. Rafsanjani was the reformist movement's major ally in the higher echelons of the Iranian government and it now...

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EUR: Short-Term Neutral, But Bear Market Not Over Yet

After being bearish on the euro throughout H216, we are neutral from a short-term perspective as excessive bearish sentiment and a narrowing of German yield spreads versus the US should prevent further weakness. However, a combination of rising...

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Iraq And Syria: Prospects For The Conflicts

The fall of Mosul will mark the end of Islamic State holding territory in Iraq, but this is no panacea for the country's political turmoil. In Syria, the fighting will escalate over the coming months, as the warring protagonists attempt to gain as...

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Trump Presidency: Three Scenarios For China

It is very likely that US President Donald Trump will be able to carry out some of his campaign promises against China due to the upswing in support against globalisation and the domestic perception that US jobs are being lost to China. Below, we...

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Hidden Risks To The Global Economy In 2017

In this feature, we identify nine 'hidden risks', which would prove to be surprising or have negative consequences for business and investment, and add to the sense of a dangerous or volatile world. These do not represent our core views, and we...

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Voice Control Key To Putting Robots In The Home, But Risks Abound

Integrating popular voice control software into the latest generation of non-industrial robots will effectively remove one of the biggest barriers to mass-market adoption of such devices. In consumers' eyes, digital assistant platforms such as Alexa...

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Domestic Pharmaceutical Industry To Continue To Expand

The Russian domestic pharmaceutical industry will continue to grow at pace given the restrictive regulations for medicine registration and procurement for those produced outside of the country. While these regulations pose challenges to...

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Benin To Reap Rewards From New Economic Plan

Benin's growth prospects will be buoyed by recent economic reforms and the implementation of an ambitious public development plan. However, while the economic outlook will be brighter over the next 10 years than in the previous decade, the...

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