Expansion Opportunities in Cafes and Casual Dining

We highlight strong growth potential in specialist coffee chains in Mexico amid growing levels of investment, while secondary cities beyond the capital offer large underdeveloped markets for casual-dining restaurants. Mexico's foodservices sector...

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Dirty Tanker Rates Will Head Lower

The crude oil shipping sector faces a number of key challenges, which will see rates continue to head lower. Primary among these is the OPEC deal to cut crude oil production, while long-standing issues regarding new tonnage and limited scrapping...

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US-Japan Security Ties To Supersede Economic Disagreements

US-Japan security ties will remain robust under President Donald Trump, as both countries focus on co-operation to counter-balance a rising China and increasingly nuclearised North Korea. Washington and Tokyo will still disagree over trade issues,...

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Huge Potential For Irish Whiskey As US Market Booms

Whiskey consumption is on the rise in the US, driven by premiumisation, changing millennial preferences and a strong cocktail-drinking culture. With Diageo's latest results confirming these trends, we highlight strong opportunities for growth in the...

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Beijing To Take Bigger Step In Opening Up Domestic Markets

Beijing's new guidelines to open up the Chinese market to foreign investors will create opportunities for service providers and manufacturers. In addition, we believe that the government will show greater commitment to executing this guideline when...

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Expansionary Fiscal Policy Becoming Increasing Risk

Despite maintaining a relatively bullish outlook for the wider Kenyan economy, the country's fiscal picture is becoming an increasing risk to this view. Recent downward revisions to the historic budget balance and the government's expansionary...

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US Trade Hit List: Not Just The Usual Suspects

It is underappreciated how many countries could be directly targeted for protectionist measures by the Trump administration, in our view. China and NAFTA (particularly Mexico) are the clearest targets for trade confrontation with the US. Japan,...

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Emerging Markets Key Themes Chartpack

Emerging market growth is picking up steam amid more buoyant demand in developed economies, but performance will be highly mixed. Our key themes include: commodity exporters will struggle to recover; China and Mexico will bear the brunt of '...

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Asia Power: Global Outperformance Maintained

Asian power markets outperform the global risk/reward index, as strong opportunities are balanced against relatively lower risks. Within the region, we highlight Malaysia and Australia as notable investment bright spots.

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Tax Review Increases Upstream Risk

Stricter tax laws, alongside oil price uncertainty and tightening onshore drilling laws will pose considerable headwinds to new project investments in Australia, lending support to our view for the pace of oil and gas production growth to slow...

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